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Good things always come from great thinking. That is why our team is made up of talented and knowledgeable programmers, software engineers and business thinkers. Because we know that striving for reliable data leads to answers and answers lead to valuable strategic insights. 


Real-time Data Solutions

Enterprise-level insights and real-time business intelligence that allow global retailers to move from insight to connection to transformation with speed and scale.

With Crosscan BigData systems for customer counting and people counting world’s biggest retail chains are able to analyse, evaluate and compare the KPI of all stores simultaneously. They react directly and quickly with appropriate measures by adapting optimized product presentation, staff planning and fitting advertising campaigns to the latest demands.


Store KPI Comparison


Optimized Personnel

Weather Forecasting

Crosscan retail analytics systems offer retailers a detailed overview of the number of persons, visitors and customers in all shops and franchise outlets. Crosscan's intelligent People Counting solutions recognize the paths of the visitors in the stores (path tracking), measure the length of stay of the customer at the display counter (dwell time measurement) and provide the retailer with a comprehensive report in real time.


Route Tracking

Dwell Period Measurement

Website Traffic Analytics

Crosscan customer and visitor counters can be adapted according to the individual requirements of the large retail chains. In this way customer data of big franchise companies can be bundled and evaluated, even though their stores have different POS systems or several merchandise management systems.


CRM Systems

Purchase & Visit History

Social Networks

With crosscan ShopperConnect the modern retail sector communicates interactively with its customers through iBeacons, ESL Electronic shelf labels / digital price tags and digital media content such as branch TV. Customers like to use the new possibilities, because they benefit from particularly good information, intelligent discounts and best deals. The retail gains through greater and improved sales and consulting areas as well as increased revenues.



Electronic Shelf Labeling

Digital Signage & Store TVs

Surveys & Vouchers

Real-time Store Management

All data that is generated by Crosscan sensors or 3rd parties like market research firms is aggregated by Crosscan Connect and analyzed in realtime and immediately converted to easily understandable actionables which are brought to your store staff by the Crosscan App.

Beside that Crosscan is able to control a lot of devices like lighting, a/c, multimedia and store audio systems as well as eletronic shelf labels. Crosscan not just monitors data quality and heartbeat of a lot of in-store devices, it is able to adapt the store experience to the current visitor.

Automatische Steuerung des Lichts in Filialen, Anbindung an Crosscan Business Intelligence System. Intelligente Lichtsteuerung für den Einzelhandel.


Crosscan Analyse von Kundendaten in Filialen und Steuerung von Audio + Multimedia, Mediaplayer, Filial-TV aus einem System. Automatische Lautstärkeregelung.


Crosscan Connect Business Intelligence überwacht die Besucher in jeder Filiale und steuert anhand der Daten die Klimaanlage + Wärme / Kälte-Regelung automatisch


Crosscan Connect analysiert Kundendaten in Echtzeit, zeigt die Daten Mitarbeitern verständlich auf und gibt Handlungsanweisungen wie die Steuerung von digitalen Preisschildern + Displays.


How it Works

Crosscan offers retailers the insights and tools they need to understand and connect with customers through richer shopping experiences.

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