Transforming Retail for the Digital Age

with over 15 years of industry experience and its innovative solutions, Crosscan is a strong partner when it comes to digital transformation.

Crosscan is the inventor

of one of the first cloud-based retail analytics platforms

21,000 installed systems

exchange their data with the Crosscan platform in real time

Crosscan Connect

is used and supported by service providers in 49 countries

Covid-19 Pandemic

Implement Access Regulations with Occupancy Levels Safely and Quickly

In response to the corona crisis, essential retail businesses, such as food retailers, etc., around the world must implement new safety concepts. 
By actively controlling the number of visitors in real time with our occupancy systems, we enable an operation that is in line with current regulations.

Great thoughts produce great ideas. That is why our team is made up of talented and experienced programmers, software engineers and business thinkers. 

After all, we know that the quest for reliable data leads to answers, and answers lead to valuable strategic insights.  

Crosscan is one of the largest system providers for measuring footfall and conducting retail analyses. Why? The answer is simple. We’re always trying to perfect the art of turning visitors into customers. 

Over 800 brands and retailers rely on Crosscan for the analysis of their data.

Since July 2018, Vitracom GmbH has been part of Crosscan, complementing the product portfolio with its technologies to provide a comprehensive solution for the retail industry.


White Paper - 3D Sensor Technology

The technical principles behind people counting - a look into people counters available on the market and decision-making tools for brick-and-mortar retail.

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Retail Analytics

Big Data Besucheranalyse, KPI Vergleich, Personaleinsatz planen, Store Comparison, People counting

Big data

Visitor analysis


store comparisons

staff planning

weather analyses

Store Analytics: Filialdaten analysieren, für optimale Produktperformance, customer route tracking

Store analytics

Analysis of store data

sales analysis

staff planning

retail security

product performance

Retail Analytics, Besucherfrequenz ermitteln, Kaufhistorie, Customer Analytics, Shopper Data

Customer analytics


purchasing and visit history

staff planning

weather analyses

Connect with customers, gezielte Kundenansprache, Kundenbewegungen messen, Loyalität stärken

Customer connection

Targeted customer approach

increasing customer loyalty

tracking traffic flow

increasing service

Retail Security and RFID

EAS, Warensicherung, Videoüberwachung

Retail security

Retail security, video surveillance

RFID Hardware und Software zur Prozessoptimierung im Einzelhandel


Hardware and software for the optimization of processes

ESL – Electronic Shelf Labeling

Bedarf erkennen, Service verbessern, Produkt optimal platzieren, esl electronic shelf label

Price flexibility

Flexibly and dynamically control prices

ESL Retail Manager, alle Electronic Shelf Label zentral steuern, Software für digitale Etiketten

ESL Retail Manager

Control all conventional ESL technologies from a single interface

How It Works

Crosscan not only offers retailers the insights they need to have to understand their customers but the tools they need to have to build close customer relationships through unique shopping experiences.

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Customers Around the Globe

Whether in the store, online or on mobile devices, millions of shoppers want to have their very own shopping experience. Our customers have realized that they need to find increasingly compelling ways to establish close ties to customers.

Strong Partners

We work with our experienced partners to deliver individual solutions.

sys-pro GmbH is a specialist for IT solutions in production, logistics and trading companies. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as RFID, we are able to pick up where the expertise of traditional systems ends, directly in the process itself.

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