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Retail Analytics for Franchise Partners

After an intense sourcing procedure, Esprit chose Crosscan because the company has the greatest retail know-how and was able to successfully satisfy Esprit’s very individual reporting requirements with its own software development. 

Benjamin Flach, ESPRIT Wholesale GmbH, Head of Sales Franchise West

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Intersport – Controlling Stores Based on Demands

For the brick-and-mortar stores, it’s important to keep an eye on the essential KPIs. The average transaction, items per transaction and conversion rates are key figures which need to be increasingly controlled in the future including staffing as well. The Crosscan system offers a modern and working technology to evaluate the direct connection to the PoS system and staff planning tools. We have had good experiences to date and the cooperation with Crosscan has proved to be efficient.

Jochen Schnell, INTERSPORT Deutschland eG, Board Member “Ware und Markt” 

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Optimizing Retail Spaces

Following the tender procedure, WMF decided to go with Crosscan systems/services. Our expectations in terms of reliability, speed and service have been fully met.

Thomas Akdogan, WMF AG, Head of Properties, Expansion, and Architecture

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