Control buildings and optimise processes

through the highly accurate and GDPR-compliant recording of people flows and path analyses.

People flow in buildings and public facilities

The precise detection of people flows with 99% accuracy provides high-frequency buildings with exact figures on utilisation and occupancy levels in real time.

Tracking the flow of people and analysing the length of stay provides those the building managers with a tool to optimally control building management.

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Tracking the flow of people

for movement analyses and process optimisation.

Digital counting

are highly accurate, safe and manageable in real time.

100% GDPR-compliant

frequency tracking by the Crosscan 3D sensors.

Digital Management in buildings and public facilities

Access to real-time data on occupancy levels improves security and has become increasingly important in the last few years.


Office buildings, hospitals, train stations and public facilities also benefit in other ways from the analyses of people flows.

Information on the utilisation of waiting areas

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Canteen footfall

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Adapt personnel to the current capacity utilisation

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Demand-driven cleaning of public areas

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