“A force in motion gathers strength,” and that goes for our company and workforce too. 


We oversee and manage the operational implementation, and while we’re at it, we make sure to always communicate and stay closely connected to colleagues in order to promote collaborative creation.

Software Development

We find solutions and implement them by working with agile models both on and off site. The results can be seen in our solutions that we’ve used to prevail in the fast-moving retail sector and, more recently, in Industry 4.0. Our curiosity never ends.


Sales traditionally means selling, but we take it one step further: Our experience and enthusiasm for the industry, technology and market developments make us Crosscan’s consultants and innovation scouts. That’s what our customers and software developers appreciate.

Marketing and Communication

It’s our job to get the word out and clearly explain who we are, how we work, and what our strengths and products are – across all channels. We are always happy to be able to show what our company can do.

Accounting and Office Management

Our team is in charge of keeping meaningful figures – the basis for planning a healthy company future. Active monitoring makes it possible for us to build a stable foundation on which we can further develop.



Technology keeps the wheels turning – we drive all over Germany to visit our customers and install hardware on site. We cooperate with Project Management and Support for this. Every job, city and customer is different and that means dropping by in person.

IT and Facility Administration

We develop and maintain our company’s entire IT infrastructure and hardware – in other words, the core of our company. New technologies, continuously changing customer requirements and our company are just a few of the factors influencing our work. We’re the people who keep everything running quickly and reliably.

Product Development

We develop innovations and ideas into products that not only further empower our customers but that achieve market success. We keep in close touch with software developers, management, sales and marketing at all times, weaving all the loose ends with teams together to form one cohesive unit.


Human Resources

We serve everyone: From recruiting campaigns, to the full range of activities involved with HR management, or even continuing education and training, we make sure that all employees can pursue their own personal path at Crosscan. At the same time, education is also very near and dear to us. We’re always open to new ideas concerning our employees.

Project Management

We take care of the technological implementation of solutions directly at our customers. From a single business to a branch network, we leverage our experience to oversee the roll-out phase and are the first point of contact for our customers. It may not always be easy juggling all requirements, but that’s our shared responsibility, and we always have fun taking care of it.

Support and Monitoring

As the Support department, we act as the safety net, assisting customers after the roll-out phase as thepoint of contact. Our tools enable us to quickly process and track requests efficiently. We collaborate with Project Management and Software Development to solve problems for our customers.