Optimizing Retail Spaces

with accurate visitor counting and the identification of opportunities.

The Challenge

WMF’s retail spaces had to be optimized and sources of potential identified.

To do this, however, accurate data on the number of visitors must be collected. The data must then be analyzed alongside external metadata, such as weather data, to arrive at meaningful footfall data. Integrating PoS data, such as sales, from PoS systems should help uncover ways of harnessing potential. 

“Following the tender procedure, WMF decided to go with Crosscan systems/services. Our expectations in terms of reliability, speed and service have been fully met.”

Thomas Akdogan, WMF AG, Head of Properties, Expansion, and Architecture

The Results

By identifying actual opportunities, WMF was able to optimize the conversion rate throughout the entire store network and increase team loyalty.

The potential of stores can be visualized through exact footfall data and thus used.

Real-time data enables the sales team and store managers to directly control store performance.

Increased conversion rates through footfall data and a customer-oriented approach.

By analyzing data in Crosscan Connect, regional and store benchmarking can be carried out and thus controlled.