Analytics for Franchise Partners

using all franchise data taken from different systems on one platform.

The Challenge

A wide variety of PoS systems and merchandise management systems are used by Esprit’s +240 franchise stores in Germany. The overall collection and evaluation of partner analysis data is therefore difficult. We were given the task of putting all footfall and franchise data onto one analysis platform for further evaluation and controlling.

“After an intense sourcing procedure, Esprit chose Crosscan because the company has the greatest retail know-how and was able to successfully satisfy Esprit’s very individual reporting requirements with its own software development.”

Benjamin Flach, ESPRIT Wholesale GmbH, Head of Sales Franchise West

The Results

Our conversion rate increased after just a few months while our labor costs declined slightly.

All the franchise partners’ aggregated data and KPIs are available on Crosscan Connect.

Controlling is supported by franchise partner benchmarking with KPI indices from the head office and branch stores.

Foot traffic and weather-based forecasts expand KPIs for the individual management of stores.

Footfall information enables demand-driven staff planning and therefore increases conversion rates.