You Know How Many Customers You Have …

… but not how many customers you could have had?

Crosscan Connect for Your Customer Analyses

Leverage the insights gleaned from the correlations in your data to better understand your customers. Offer visitors a unique shopping experience tailored to their needs and turn them into customers!

Customer Analytics

Besucherzählung, Personenzählung, People Counting, Besucheranalyse, Visitor analysis


Analyze footfall and customer counting ̶ optimize marketing campaigns

Optimalen Einsatz des Personals planen, Produktivität erhöhen, bedarfsgerechte Arbeitszeiten

Staff planning

Hours of operation, footfall, weather ̶ staff scheduling based on demands

Key Performance Indikator, KPI analysieren, Filialdaten und KPI darstellen, Instore Tracking

Key performance indicators

Analyze visitor numbers and contextualize them ̶ understand visitors and turn them into customers

Besucherfrequenz unter Berücksichtigung des Wetters vorhersehen, Angebote vorab anpassen


Analyze the weather as an influential factor ̶ improve your preparation and product range for your

Kaufhistorie aus Shopping Daten, sprechen Sie Ihre Kunden genau passend an, monitor purchase data

Shopping data

Analyze product performance ̶ accurately address your customers

Your Benefits

Increase conversion rates by analyzing visitors.

Control and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Increase the satisfaction, loyalty and retention of your customers.

Product range, weather staff ̶ accurately address your customers and increase your sales.