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Crosscan Connect for Your Store

Consolidate your in-store tracking data and company data from other systems. Gain comprehensive insights into store data and analyses and lead your stores to success.

Store Analytics

Erheben und analysieren Sie die Daten aller Filialen. Bewerten und optimieren Sie Ihre Filialen.

Store data analysis

Collect and analyze data   ̶ evaluate and optimize stores

Umsatzanalyse, Daten aus Kassensystemen integrieren, Website-Besucher zum lokalen Store bringen

Sales analysis

Integrate sales from PoS systems ̶ identify and exploit the correlations

Optimalen Einsatz des Personals planen, Produktivität erhöhen, bedarfsgerechte Arbeitszeiten

Staff planning

Hours of operation, footfall, weather ̶ schedule staff based on needs

EAS, Warensicherung, Videoüberwachung

Retail security

Integrate retail security ̶ optimize store security

Warenwirtschaftssysteme integrieren, Performance Ihrer Produkte analysieren, Budget planen

Product performance

Integrate merchandise management systems ̶ analyze product performance

Heatmaps - Visitor Walking Patterns and Lengths of Stay

Hot spots, full paths and KPIs in individually definable zones can be produced. Identify the impact and potential of your shop spaces to boost floor sales.

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Checkout and Queue Manager

Increase customer and employee satisfaction and boost sales with dynamic workforce requirements planning.

The checkout and queue manager offers monitoring with forecasts on the number of people, current footfall and occupancy at footfall-critical points. 

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ODS - Occupancy Display System

ODS (Occupancy Display System) is a system for visualizing visitor statistics. It displays the current number of people (occupancy) in selected areas, for example, in a room, on a floor or in a building.

Implement Security Concepts and Guidelines. When capacity limits are defined for the number of persons in selected areas, the ODS can automatically react to the maximum capacity: You’ll be sent an email notification, or you can also remotely control external devices (e.g. signal transmitter) using WEB I/O (optional).

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Your Benefits

Recognize how you can turn your visitors into customers!

Analyze and optimize your marketing and budget with KPIs and visitor analyses.

Improve your store performance with precise staff planning.

Optimize your product range for your customers and increase your sales in the process.