Do You Collect Your Retail Data?

But is it stored in different systems? And it isn’t accessible from everywhere? 

Crosscan Connect − the Analysis Platform

We accurately measure how many visitors you have, look at the data in terms of your individual company and then focus our sights on analyzing the data and tapping into your potential. 

With insights on the entire company as well as real-time business intelligence data on one platform, globally operating retailers can analyze their data, act quickly and address their customers appropriately in a swift manner.


Find more information in our product brochure Retail Analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Besucherzählung, Personenzählung, People Counting, Besucheranalyse, Visitor analysis

Visitor analysis

Analyze footfall ̶ understand customers

Key Performance Indikator, KPI analysieren, Filialdaten und KPI darstellen, Instore Tracking

Key Performance Indicators

Analyze data ̶ illustrate KPIs

Filialen miteinander vergleichen, Potenziale erkennen, Benchmarks setzen, Umsätze erhöhen

Store comparison

Set benchmarks ̶ identify potential

Optimalen Einsatz des Personals planen, Produktivität erhöhen, bedarfsgerechte Arbeitszeiten

Staff planning

Schedule staff based on needs ̶ increase employee productivity

Besucherfrequenz unter Berücksichtigung des Wetters vorhersehen, Angebote vorab anpassen


Analyze the weather as an influential factor ̶ improve your preparation and product range

Your Benefits

All data on one platform ̶ with real-time data and business intelligence at the enterprise level.

Company-wide insights and analyses ̶ identify opportunities and evaluate the effectiveness of stores.

In-store tracking and analyses with the highest level of precision ̶ turn your visitors into customers.

Real-time data ̶ recognize the regional changes in demand for individual stores.