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Implement Access Regulations Safely and Quickly 


COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Implement New Safety Concepts

In response to the corona crisis, essential retail businesses, such as food retailers, banks, pharmacies, etc., around the world must implement new safety concepts to minimize the risk of infection to customers and employees.

Limitations to the number of visitors allowed in stores must be observed, and stores may only open if they actively control the number of visitors.

Occupancy Level Management System in Real Time - Implement Access Regulations Safely and Quickly

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Crosscan Occupancy Level Management System in Real Time equipped with an Alarm

The Crosscan 3-D Sensor counts the number of visitors entering and exiting stores in real time and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Once a preconfigured target value is reached, it will trigger an action you have previously selected, such as an announcement or a visualization on a monitor in the store’s entrance area.

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Crosscan operates 21,000 people counting systems in more than 12,000 stores in over 49 countries, making it one of the largest system providers for retail footfall measurement and data analysis.

Real time control of shop fill-grade to easily manage “social distancing”

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Interesting Facts

New security concepts are indispensable in today's system-relevant retail, because only those who comply with them are allowed to open their stores. It is now important to comply with the regulations required in the corona crisis and thus minimize the risk of infection for customers and employees.

This includes coordinated visitor restrictions as well as visitor controls, as currently carried out manually at many entrance and checkout areas of various stores. 

However, this manual occupancy-monitoring is not only cumbersome and expensive, it also carries the risk of infection.

At this point, Crosscan creates a customer and employee-friendly solution for your access control with its systems for occupancy levels. Find out more today and achieve a convenient shopping experience in no time. 

By actively controlling the number of visitors in real time with our occupancy systems, we enable an operation that is in line with current regulations.

In addition, Crosscan guarantees an uncomplicated installation and is connected to an international installation and service network. Occupancy-monitoring enables retailers to react quickly to the current situation.