Visitor frequency

Your store is well visited - but you don't know how many people are actually in your store? 

Highly accurate recording of visitor numbers

With the Crosscan 3D sensors we record the number of visitors in stores, on floors or action areas with 99 % accuracy.  The ability to differentiate between adults and children, the exclusion of shadow counting and polygonal counting lines ensure, among other things, precise visitor counting data. 

Count the visitors in the store now and make them your customers.  With Crosscan's visitor counting system for your retail analysis. 

Our visitor frequency measurement is video-based and data protection compliant. 

White Paper - 3D Sensor Technology

The technical principles behind people counting - a look into people counters available on the market and decision-making tools for brick-and-mortar retail.

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Features Crosscan 3D Sensors

Excerpt of the features of the Crosscan 3D sensors.

Line crossings

Multiple line crossings can be filtered out automatically

Multi-sensor fusion (stitching)

Fusion of the sensors: double counting in the transition area of the sensors is avoided

Waiting times

Measurement of waiting time in certain areas and queues in checkout zones

High-precision counting

Exclusion of shadows, even in strong sunlight and hard shadows

Exact counting range

Polygonal counting lines allow the blanking of interfering areas, e.g. product carriers

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Technical data: Crosscan 3D Sensor







Power supply



48 VDC

Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)


Power consumption


8.5 W (max. 12,5 W)


Operating temperature


0 to +45°C


Installation height


2.20 m to 6.00 m




up to 10 m x 7 m


Min. illuminance


1 lx (Lux)




Betermination of the installation height by 3D algorithm

Determination of the installation angle by integrated position sensor


Dimensions (L x W x H)


167 mm diameter, 45 mm height




Plastic, Aluminium (lacquered)


Protection class


IP 20




0.83 kg










100/1000Base-T, PoE, RJ45


USB port


2 x USB 2

  Software    MQTT, HTTP REST, Crosscan Connect


Wireless network connection (optional)


WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0 - optional

Crosscan 3D-Sensor - Advantages


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Accurate counts with 99% accuracy

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Remote maintenance and validation

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Optical self-diagnosis

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Highly accurate visitor tracking for Retail Analytics

The transfer of the recorded count data to the Connect Cloud offers the possibility of evaluating the collected data in the Crosscan Connect analysis platform. 

External data, such as the weather, and company data, such as data from the POS systems, place the visitor frequency in context and thus provide the analysis data for controlling your stores: 

KPIs - conversion rates, data for workforce planning and other key figures.

Retail Analytics

Things to know

Clear information about the number of visitors to your shop

The knowledge about the visitor frequency of a store in real time reveals important insights and enables well-founded entrepreneurial decisions. 

Knowing how many visitors are in your store, when, who has bought something and whether you should adjust your personnel planning by higher or lower frequented times of the day, shows you the potentials.

Crosscan's 3D sensors determine visitor numbers in your shop, on individual floors, promotional areas or in the checkout area with an accuracy of >99%.

Use the knowledge about the number of your visitors in the store by the data visitor counting and visitor frequency measurement.