Unifying a Franchise's Data

The Challenge

Esprit franchise stores across Germany were using uncoordinated systems for managing checkout and merchandise. Consequently, Esprit headquarters struggled to collect and streamline diverse data and analysis. They turned to Crosscan for a complete data collection and centralized analytics system.

"We chose Crosscan after an intense sourcing procedure because the company has the greatest retail know-how and was able to successfully satisfy the very individual reporting requirements of Esprit with its own software development."

Benjamin Flach, ESPRIT Wholesale GmbH, Head of Sales Franchise West

The Results

CrosscanConnect was installed to unify data under one system and provide aggregate and individual store analytics in real time.

Headquarters can view and assess aggregated data through one evaluation tool.

Each franchise can compare performance data on Esprit's KPIs and benchmarks of stores.

Esprit's data measurements were expanded to provide broader insights.

Personnel schedules were adjusted to reflect in-store traffic levels and reduce unnecessary costs.

By implementing visitor-oriented initiatives, Esprit is able to connect with shoppers on multiple levels.

The Bottom Line

With real-time actionable insights, Esprit can efficiently optimize store performance and connect with their shoppers nationwide.