Counting Customers

Identify customer behavior and optimize your sales process 

What Should a Customer-Counting Retail Tool Look Like for the Latest Generation?

It must help the chain store satisfy millions of local retail customers worldwide and across cultures, no matter what the habits or preferences are for a specific country.

It mustn’t only count customers but act as a multichannel marketing and analysis system. After all, the future of the retail industry will be dominated by business intelligence. It involves providing visitors with advice on site and online with the app. It means having good communication with customers right from the very start – from searching for a product, to making a decision right up to the purchase.

The latest generation of the customer-counting tool provides the retailer with deep insights into customer behavior and ensures the retailer has satisfied customers thanks to better, more targeted and quicker product sales which result in higher returns in the end.

Crosscan Omnichannel Solutions for Retailers

Thanks to the latest omnichannel solution Crosscan Connect used in combination with Crosscan SRMPAD, brick-and-mortar retailers can now monitor their stores in real time, manage them and immediately react to specific events just like online retail.

The modular customer-counting system operates bidirectionally and in five languages. It offers the following:

  • Accurate analysis of customer data using a countless array of charts and tables which can be adapted for specific marketing purposes
  • Calculation of averages and trends
  • Centrally controllable location management and store monitoring
  • Real-time management of devices and marketing campaigns in either all or in specially selected stores
  • Comparison of user data and hours of operation
  • Connections and interfaces for third-party data
  • International order planning and service planning of technicians for the installation of devices, maintenance, exchange of sensors and updates