You Know When Your Merchandise Is Located Somewhere ...

… but you lack the fast and reliable access to this information?

Use RFID to identify savings opportunities

Crosscan helps you increase transparency on the sales floor and optimize the availability of merchandise. Our RFID solutions assist you in reducing your costs and increasing profits.

Our project management and support teams use their many years of experience to quickly and reliably support you during the entire rollout process and during regular operations.  

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1. Relocation of merchandise

Automatic reader points help you keep track of merchandise moved between the warehouse and sales floor.

2. Merchandise registration process

All merchandise delivered with RFID tags is 100% controlled. A target/actual comparison of individual items and counted items is conducted.

3. Postprocessing of all merchandise without RFID tags

Tags which have been ripped off or goods which have been returned can be given a new tag.

4. Search for merchandise

Quickly and reliably find items which have been put away improperly.

5. Inventory

Count and identify your merchandise on the sales floor and in the warehouse in just a few minutes.

6. Retail security with RFID

Use your existing RFID tags for retail security.

7. PoS

Increase the reliability and speed of the checkout procedure.

Your Benefits

Reduce the retail shrinkage with RFID security.

Automate the merchandise registration process, relocation of merchandise and inventory process.

Reduce false alarms caused by tag pollution.

Decrease the length of lines at the PoS through a shorter checkout procedure.

Clearly identify your merchandise at any point in time.