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Retail Security

Crosscan is an independent EAS integrator with many years of experience and knowledge of the latest technology developments. Our vendor independent product range offers the best solution for your portfolio.

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Our portfolio offers you all-round protection for your product range, also in combination with other technologies such as video surveillance or our practical smartphone interaction.

1. Retail security

We’ve got the right solution for you no matter how wide the passageway area.

2. Smartphone interaction

Cameras combined with a people counting system enable the direct assessment whether a false alarm has been triggered or not. The information can be sent directly to a smartphone.

3. Video surveillance

Deterrence of casual thieves and potential direction detection to prevent false alarms.

4. AM/RF technology

AM, RF and RFID technology can be used according to customer requirements or our recommendation. All conceivable labels (round/square adhesive labels or hard tags) are available.

Retail Security for your product range

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