We Consolidate Your Data …

… whether it’s data regarding customer counting, PoS systems, staff planning, CSV files or other systems.

Crosscan Connect for Your Data

We integrate your data in our Crosscan Connect platform:

With 98% accuracy from our customer counting, via interfaces from your systems (or PoS systems) and from CSV files from your company.

A graphic evaluation, store groupings and the option to depict your company-specific KPIs enable you to keep an overview of your data and contextualize them properly. 



Your Data and Analyses in Clear Reports

Our Crosscan Connect platform is a web-based reporting system that combines your data and analyses into clear reports.

Business-Intelligence-Lösungen für den Einzelhandel

Comparative reports

Get comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports in PDF format.

Filialleistung und Umsätze aufbereitet in wöchentlichen oder monatlichen übersichtlichen Berichten

Weekly and monthly comparisons

Compare collected data on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis.

Geografische Übersicht und Darstellung der Leistungen aller Läden für Einzelhandelskette in Echtzeit

Geographical performance

Use the geographical overview to compare cross-store performance in real time.

Leistungsvergleich und Eckdaten aller Läden von Einzelhandelsketten standortübergreifend sichtbar


Measure store performance and compare KPIs with internal indices and industry indices.

Kundenfrequenz Vorhersage / KPI Prognose für Filialisten in wöchentlichen Reports per WLAN-Tracking


Get AI-based footfall and sales forecasts.

1. iBeacon

Communicate directly with your customers and inform them of nearby offers or vouchers, etc.

2. Electronic shelf labeling (ESL)

Prices can be quickly and easily customized for each product, in each store or every region. Generate additional sales by renting advertising space.

3. Route mapping

Highly precise customer flow sensors map in-store movement.

4. People counting

Count how many people visit your store.

5. Visit duration measurement

Measure exactly how long your visitors remain in your stores using customer flow and Wi-Fi tracking systems.

6. Store TVs/Digital signage

State-of-the-art technology interacts with customers and shows them campaigns, instructions, advertisements as well as brands.

How It Works

In-store hardware collects data about customer activity

High-precision sensors in the entrance area and store recognize and evaluate where customers move within the store and with which displays they interact.

Data is collected by Crosscan Connect

Crosscan Connect collects all data gathered by in-store hardware. The information is then analyzed and summarized in clear reports.

Real-time insights

You are provided with a wide variety of comprehensive insights on the performance of the store. The web-based Crosscan Connect platform collects and provides the data.


The insights are used for business intelligence, to deepen customer retention, bolster sales activities and increase sales.