How it works

Collect customer activity data in the store

In-store hardware collects data about customer activity

Highly accurate sensors placed at the entrance and throughout the store count, identify and track customers as they move and engage with displays.

Data is collected by CrosscanConnect

All data collected by the in-store hardware is communicated to Crosscan Connect, which aggregates and analyzes the information into intelligible reports.

Insights are delivered in real time

You receive comprehensive and diverse insights about store performance as they are collected, delivered via an accessible web-based platform.

Connect with customers and transform their retail experience

Insights translate to business intelligence that enhances customer connection, boosts sales productivity and transforms retail success.

Real-time business intelligence in one place

Our software, Crosscan Connect, is a web-based reporting system that organizes insights into digestible reports used to optimize store performance.

  • Comparative reporting

    Receive comprehensive daily, weekly monthly and annual PDF reports.

  • Weekly and monthly comparisons

    Compare aggregate data week-to-week or month-to-month.

  • Geographic performance overview

    Obtain a real-time display of store performance across locations.

  • Benchmarking

    Measure store performance by comparing KPIs to internal and industry indexes.

  • Forecasts

    Retrieve traffic and sales forecasts based on artificial intelligence.

Data captured in-store

Hardware is strategically placed around your store and monitored remotely 24/7.

IBeacon, communicate directly with customers, ESL, electronic price tags, recognize customer routes, visitor counting
Communicate directly to your customer with nearby sales, coupons, etc.
Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL)
Adjust prices electronically for quick and convenient updates and rent advertising space to generate additional revenue.
Route Mapping
Highly accurate CustomerFlow sensors map in-store route.
Quantify how many people walk through your door.
Dwell Period
Measure exact dwell time with our CustomerFlow and Wifi tracking systems.
Store TVs / Digital Signage
Interact with Customers through cutting-edge technology and display promotions, directions, ads and brand images.