Your Prices Attract Customers Perfectly through Flexibility ...

... but your processes haven’t been digitalized and aren’t flexible?

Flexibility and dynamic pricing thanks to electronic shelf labeling (ESL)

Intelligent digital price tags and our Crosscan Retail Manager provide you with just the flexibility you need for your prices and processes.

ESL makes it possible for you to quickly manage prices and your content from a central location. Further measurements about the how long and how often product contacts have been made as well as about the display of matching accessories, allocation of vouchers and dates can be clearly shown and carried out with NFC or iBeacons.


Find more information in our product brochure ESL.

How it works

Success Story: Digitalization with ESL – Up and Running at Intersport Schrey

The entire running shoe and fashion shoe area is equipped with intelligent electronic shelf labeling (ESL).

The word on everyone’s lips is “Digitalization” and the retail sector is no exception – processes are supported digitally or completely mapped out to remain attractive for customers and employees.

Take Advantage of the Benefits

Offer customers additional information and offers at exactly the right time.

Reduce administrative costs and prevent incorrect pricing.

Measure customer interest and create greater loyalty through individualized offers.

Electronic Shelf Labels in Industrial Applications

Electronic Shelf Labels can be used with our new technologies, for example, with the “pick-by-light” procedure. Visit our website for further information. 

We’d be happy to advise you. Contact Sebastian Green  ̶ Business Development, Partner Management and Ekko Specialist.

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