Customer Counting in Retail

Highly precise real-time customer counting

Thanks to Crosscan systems, retailers and chain stores use high-precision sensors to wirelessly count and analyze customers and persons in their sales areas in real time. Returning customers are filtered out from new customers in the process. The routes, visit duration and waiting time at the PoS are registered and the entire stay in the store is recorded – everything is completely anonymous, no personal data is collected, and data privacy regulations are fully respected.

Crosscan systems are extremely accurate and precise even when there are poor lighting conditions, surface materials and colors. People near each other are properly identified and counted. The systems can also tell the difference between humans and animals, for example, a person with a dog on a leash.

Counting Customers – a Win-Win Solution for Retailers and Customers

To what extent is counting customers an advantage? The benefits lie in the overall package: 1) Count customers, 2) use reporting and 3) react to the analysis with campaigns to promote customer loyalty, with cross-selling campaigns in the store and with neighboring stores, and by making the best possible use of or renting the sales floor, etc. The benefits are tremendous, not only for retailers, but also for staff and highly valued customers:

  • Increase in the overall efficiency of the sales area
  • Improvement and support of customer relationships
  • Reduction of operating expenses
  • Optimization of the entire business process 
  • Optimal usage of staff
  • Best possible and, above all, personal advice for customers