Store Management

Crosscan Connect – Footfall measurement with a retail management system

The latest version of the Crosscan Connect system goes well beyond just measuring footfall as has been done up until now. It offers an innovation to providers of mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. After all, Crosscan Connect is a web-based, upgradeable retail management system that can now also analyze, manage and control price displays and products in real time using an additional module.

Optimum customer service and lucrative advertising space

After the system has previously recognized how long and when a potential buyer has picked up a device, the digital price tags interactively interact with each other and then with the customer. This gathered data enables the retail store to use the display to spontaneously inform customers about price adjustments and other content. Customer surveys can be conducted, vouchers can be given out, customer-specific content can be immediately displayed live. It is also possible to adjust the brightness of the display area in order to highlight individual information such as the price. Finally, the displays can also be rented out and therefore act as a lucrative advertising space to generate additional revenue.

Crosscan Connect Retail Measurement and Management as an Answer to Online Retail Developments

Crosscan Connect’s latest store management module combines the benefits of shopping offline with the benefits of online shopping, thereby providing the customer with excellent additional value in the search for the right mobile device up until the moment it is purchased. Local retail stores are also offered a clear advantage:

Modular system for retail store chains with a sophisticated people-counting system at its core

Satisfied retail store chains in the DACH region benefit from a highly sophisticated people-counting system, the heart of which is the pedestrian counter which offers the following advantages:

  • Ability to cross-sell in local shops
  • Accurate measurement of product contacts
  • Automatic updates of prices
  • Optimum adaptation and personalization of stores based on customer behavior
  • Possibility to increase the conversion rate by up to 30%