Crosscan 3-D People-Counting Sensor

Features, Benefits and Technical Data

Features and Benefits

  • Can be used to count people, measure footfall and record people passing by a location
  • Outstanding accuracy >98%
  • Exclusion of objects not important for the conversion rate, such as infants, animals, shopping carts, etc.
  • Shadows are not counted such as with mono cameras
  • Remote maintenance and validation possible
  • No additional hardware required to process data
  • No breach of data privacy regulations since no video is recorded
  • Low energy consumption (only 4.5 Watts)
  • Identification of opportunities (without the measurement of footfall only the number of customers is known)
  • Determination of conversion rates (Visitor/Customer ratio)
  • Determination of capture rates (Passer-by/Visitor ratio)
  • Measurement of success of marketing activities (only identifiable with footfall data)
  • Visitor-oriented staff planning
  • Fair store assessment considering existing opportunities
  • Optimization of operating hours
  • Location evaluation

Additional Features

Stepping over lines

Automatic filtering out of multiple steps over lines.

Visual self-diagnosis

Recognition of stuck or covered lenses and reporting to Crosscan Support.

Floor assessment

Precise floor measurement off escalators. Visitors traveling on escalators are not counted.

Highly accurate counting

Shadows are excluded even in the case of strong sunlight and drop shadows.

Waiting times

Measurement of waiting times in specific areas as well as of lines at PoS areas.

Polygonal counters

Polygonal counters make it possible to factor out disruptions, for example, merchandise fixtures.

Level differences

Measurement on stairs, escalators and entrances/exits.

Tracking version

Extensive equipment and counting. People are transferred from one sensor to the next.

Crosscan 3D

Technical Data


Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) 48 Vdc

Power consumption



EN55022, FCC

Temperature (Operating)

0 - +55 °C

Temperature (Storage)

-20 - +60 °C

Installation height

2,00 to 18 m

Detection area

4x4 m (also larger depending on version)

Counting accuracy

> 98%


Ethernet 100BaseT, PoE, RJ45, USB 2.0


Crosscan Connect API via https

Remote service

Reverse VPN https service connection (dis-engageable)

Internal memory (non-volatile)

256 MB

Automatic updates


Real-time clock/Battery

No, NTP server or https connection required