Make a connection

Connect and communicate with customers directly to modify the shopping experience according to individual wants and needs.


Crosscan Systems based on iBeacon technology enable retailers to identify their customers within the store or shop and to communicate interactively with them, advising, giving tips and product information and showing special offers that are located nearby.


Identify shoppers within the store, send notifications of sale items and complete mobile transactions.

With Crosscan esl digital price labels prices can be adjusted on the price tags in a matter of seconds.  It enables store owners to update the prices at once, .e. g. for special selling campaigns. Idle electronic shelf labels can be rented for brand ads and thus generate revenue even in the standby state.

Electronic Shelf Labeling

Adjust prices electronically for convenient updates and rent ad space to generate additional reveneue.

Benefit from Crosscan latest techniques to come in touch with customers and visitors and to communicate with them multimedia-based: Exchanging of digital signals via bluetooth between retailer and app on customers mobiles as well as monitors in stores with store TV will support you.

Digital Signage & Store TVs

Interact with customers through cutting-edge technology and display compelling messages.

Crosscan systems enable retailers to contact their customers directly using digital touch and to carry out  opinion surveys in real time. According to the quick research results customers needs can be determined exactly and offers and prices adapted appropriately.


Learn about customer needs directly from the customer through quick surveys.

In addition to conducting surveys with Crosscan ShopperConnect  vouchers can be distributed to customers mobile phones which leads to optimized customer loyalty and individual and noticeable improvement of customers benefit.


Deliver special vouchers to encourage customers to purchase specific items.



Implement personalized marketing strategies


Engage with customers through multiple channels


Generate additional revenue from advertisers