Studying your store

Optimize store performance using powerful insights about shopper behavior.

Trackable insights

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Route Tracking

Optimize product placement by identifying shopper movement, traffic areas and neglected displays.

Dwell Period Measurement and tracking of customer and visitor paths in retail, measuring of shoppers and their duration time in front of special products or presentation areas. Interaction with customers. Converting of visitors into customers. Increase your turnover.

Dwell Period Measurement

Measure shopper interaction with your products by identifying high and low areas of engagement.

Website traffic analytics, measuring of website visitors, duration of stay of customers and click patterns, optimization of online shopping experience, Live web traffic analysis and visitor details, interacting with clients in real time

Website Traffic Analytics

Quantify website visitors, duration of stay and click patterns to optimize the online shopping experience.



Optimize store layout and design


Improve display and product engagement


Increase website traffic and sales