Knowing your shopper

Better understand your shoppers to personalize their retail experience.

Shopper details

The Crosscan wifi tracking system in stores supports the retail industry with the creation of comprehensive customer profiles. Customers get individual offers by means of the analytics results of shopper movement, length of stay, behavior and return.

Wi-Fi Tracking

Track shopper movement, habits and return frequency through their internal smartphone Wi-Fi card.

Offer your customers the best possible shopping experience with perfect matching offers and coupons with the aid of detailed shopping histories. Recognize what products were sold at which time and how often and react promptly.

Purchase History

Monitor the details of purchased items and frequency to deliver relevant promotions and coupons.

Retailers gain detailed insights into visitor frequency and visitor history with Crosscan peoplecounting systems.  Stores can be compared easily. The results enable vendors to realize individual marketing strategies and to achieve a higher conversion rate

Visit History

Gain insight into visit frequency and how often that visit translates into point of sale.

Crosscan Crm big data, supports retailers to keep an eye on all visitor points of contact at any time, professional software for retail outlets for the personalization of the product presentation and special offers for each individual customer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Manage customer relationships and touchpoints to build customer loyalty.

The Crosscan CRM software enables retailers to link online social media with the local customer counting and path tracking system in shops. With the aid of view of trends and interests of customers online retailers can adapt their offer in real time.

Social Networks

Tap into customer interests on social media to target through personalized communication.



Increase visitor to customer ratio


Boost customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction


Improve CRM
(Customer Relationship Management)