BigData, Big Results

With real-time business intelligence, enterprise-level retailers can move from insight to connection to transformation with speed and scale.

Insights that matter

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Real-time Data

With insights delivered in real time, retailers can act with speed and scale.

kpi analytics und reporting for retail, crosscan software visualizes key performance and sales of stores, live monitoring and controlling of shops, sales store optimisation with crosscan kpi analytics systems

Key Performance Indicators

Store performance insights provided in the form needed.

Store comparison for retailers with crosscan business intelligence tools, analyze and compare numbers of customers, visitor counting, comparison and evaluation of shops, reduce costs, optimize conversion rate

Store Comparison

Compare multiple store locations to identify areas of opportunity.

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Evaluate store traffic across multiple regions

crosscan peoplecounting analytics system support optimized staff scheduling and human resource planning in retail, get satisfied customers, increase employee productivity, maximize retail efficiency and sales personnel performance, optimized distribution of staff, better sales performance results

Optimized Personnel Productivity

Eliminate unused potential and satisfy customer demand by correctly scheduling staff.

Anticipate shopper data with weather  forecast, improve converting sales, benefit from crosscan big data people counting analytics system in connection with weather report, foresee customer counts, adapt staff planning, crosscan retail analytics with weathtermap for forecast preparation and safety of stores

Weather Forecasting

Anticipate weather-based shopper traffic and improve store preparation.



Act with speed and scale using real-time, enterprise-level business intelligence


Identify areas of opportunity and evaluate store effectiveness


Optimize staffing schedules and eliminate unused potential


Anticipate regional and store level demand changes