Dwell period measurement / Track path

CustomerFlow & StoreMaps

The Crosscan StoreMaps and CustomerFlow technologies allow the measurement of the dwell period before display stands in various levels of complexity, the detection of queues or the visualization of the complete customer track path through the store (full tracking with transfer between the sensors). These technologies are used in market research projects as a rule.

Tracking customer paths

The tracking of customer paths and an accurate track path analysis {internal link to the subpage with the same name} enable the retail trader to present his goods in an optimized manner and to adapt and improve his retail store layout and design in accordance with the customer behavior.

  • Can be used to record track paths & dwell periods
  • Main routes and dwell points can be displayed visually
  • Free definition of zones regarding tracks and dwell periods
  • No problems concerning data protection because no video is being recorded

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Crosscan Customer Flow