Visitor frequency measurement

For visitor frequency measurement and/or customer frequency measurement Crosscan uses highly accurate sensors simulating human vision to record visitors with a counting accuracy of more than 99.8%. Using Crosscan Connect, all performance indicators of your company are analyzed in realtime and all visitor frequencies are processed.

  • Web-browser-based reporting
  • Import/integration of existing counting systems
  • Realtime presentation of the data (in 5-minute intervals)
  • Weather data integration included
  • Integration of checkout or PEP data by means of existing interfaces possible (e.g. Futura, hoeltl, Hiltes, SAP, SEAK, Atoss, etc.)
  • Representation of complex user authorizations
  • Store grouping possible according individual criteria
  • Display of frequency forecasts for visitor-oriented personnel placement planning
  • Additional daily and weekly reports as PDF file can be subscribed to
  • Automated CSV export possible anytime
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